View Full Version : I need serious help with this.

Mr. Furious
3rd Oct 2010, 13:19
I've tried over 30 times to get the achievement where you have to kill all the enemies on the columns in the mission, "Jaws of Death", but I just can't do it. I've gotten every other achievement in the other missions, but can someone...ANYONE...upload a save game for that part with the achievements done? I would appreciate it very much as I've reached my boiling point with this game. :mad2:

3rd Oct 2010, 14:46
Why would you want a save file with the achievement already done? That kinda defeats the purpose of the achievement don't ya think? :rolleyes:

3rd Oct 2010, 15:25

I managed 2 do it 1st time.

4th Oct 2010, 01:51
you dont have to achieve all the achievements; right? u can go-on to play next level

Terminal Meltdown
4th Oct 2010, 19:05
Furious, use the rifle. One shot kills, that's what you need. :)

8th Oct 2010, 12:51
This is tough. It was one of the very last things I unlocked. I was finally able to do it using the golden shotgun and speed-enhancing artifacts and relic. Try to max out your relic meter in the first fight so your relic power is active. Then move on to shooting the enemies on the pillars. If Lara dies or takes damage, quit and continue so your relic meter is full again--at least for the first half of the level. It's hard not to take damage when you get into the more dangerous areas later on, but it helps at the beginning.

As allexclusive suggested, if you haven't beaten the rest of the game, you may just want to go on and do that. It'll take your mind off this challenge for a while and also allow you to unlock better weapons and items to use here when you replay later.

Good luck!