View Full Version : Game Crashes on PS3 :(

2nd Oct 2010, 20:29
Whenever i wanna continue the game ( level Temple Grounds )

After it shows the challenges and after finished loading the game or PS3 just "hangs" ...

I see the screen and the loading text, but nothing happens ... :mad2:

How can i resolve this please ? :((((

Thx for the help

3rd Oct 2010, 04:56
Yea, mine did the exact same thing, had to hard-reset the PS3. Only way around it is to restart the level. Anyway, I gave up on the PS3 version (which I got for free from the now famous PSN incident) due to this and some framerate issues and purchased the game on Steam for the PC; feels much more polished.

3rd Oct 2010, 15:53
they never work a lot on the ps3 version..same as underworld! i have an 100hz tv and while im playing it looks sometimes like lagging..i was like wtf because my rest games runs smoothly and perfect on 100hz as they should be..but underworld doesn't..as for gol i didn't have any problem or glitch so far lv5! but it's lagging too at certain points aw and my name doesn't appear in the leaderboards but it's not that big deal for me

4th Oct 2010, 22:18
Huh?....My game worked just fine. No problem... :)

28th Oct 2010, 22:09
I haven't had any crashes but it's like there's dead spots when I'm moving her. Is this a known issue? :(

28th Oct 2010, 22:15
Huh?....My game worked just fine. No problem... :)

this just happen when you try to continue the temple grounds lvl this happen to me too