View Full Version : Save file lost.

2nd Oct 2010, 17:04
Hello. I have had yet another crash due to a "graphics problem", but the game seems to be running ok. However this time when I reloaded I had lost all of my saved progress and achievments(up to level 5!!), and the game had been reset back to factory default at the first level.
Has anyone else had this problem.
Can't seem to find the files on the hard disk or on my steam account.
Does anyone know how to restore them.

2nd Oct 2010, 23:18
Same thing happened to me, I was up to lvl 7 and had unlocked everything so far. 11 hours of gameplay down the toilet.

2nd Oct 2010, 23:39
I don't know how to restore your progress after you already created another save file.

Today this problem happened again: but, after the crash (and after telling me about the "graphics problem"), when you restart the game, it asks if you want to create another save file. I answered "no", and the game told me my progress wouldn't be saved. I exited the game in the menu and restarted.

This time, my save file was OK. Unfortunately, this doesn't help if you already have another auto-save. However, maybe the original file can still be found in any folder...