View Full Version : Ps3 bugs found.

30th Sep 2010, 12:51
I have encountered these bugs playing the game on local multiplayer:

In the first level sometimes the very final "staircase" doesn't get out at all and I am forced to
re-start it.
Frequently after dying (even if I have turned it off in the option menu) the Player Ring appears and strangely only for one character randomly.
After respowning sometimes I no longer have the possibility to use Bombs and I am force to re-start the level.

--New bugs found on multiplayer (update)--

Healing fountains sometimes no longer heal, even if are full.
Sometimes it is impossible to revive you parthener using circle.

These are small things but are quite annoying especially when they force you to re-start an entire level.

3rd Oct 2010, 00:15
In the molten lave pit where I encountered my first twisting bridge or set of bridges, we fell and found ourselves walking on lava. *It was cool* but annoying because we were trapped down there. I have also repelled down a pit and the screen goes completely blue, we do hear ourselves earning points and screaming but are frozen in a blue.

14th Oct 2010, 05:48
i had the one with the player rings too..when we died and respawn the rings appeared even if i had it in settings off..i went back to settings and it was still hidden but when i return to the game the player rings were still there..i had to change the settings to shown and then back again to hidden but the player rings each time we respawned were there..had to do the same thing again..too many problems and it's a very good game..eidos i know u can fix it..respect your customers please..