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29th Sep 2010, 13:32
I remember being moved to create a thread to congratulate Eidos on how they launched Batman back in July 2009. They did a truly sterling job & here is the original post:

Selected Snippets:
*) I have never bought a Batman game in the past & had no interest in doing so in the future.
That was before I started reading some of the glowing reviews that have started to surface & the buzz this title is generating on so many internet forums.
*) 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' is a perfect case study on how to build up a new game before launch. Kudos to your strategy advisors!
So, here's hoping the final game reaches its full potential & that it is followed by many more games to feature good old Bats!!!

Now, LCGol started off in a similar way with great reviews & hype build-up.
Then all of a sudden, the staggered launch reared its head, 360 launch...delay...PS3\PC Launch...delay...Online Support (all platforms).

Since day one, online coop was always one of the the biggest selling points & removing this at the last minute & therefore releasing an incomplete game was most unfortunate for Eidos, Microsoft (Gold Accounts required for online play) & the fans. I just hope that rushing to be included in 'Summer of Arcade' was worth it.

Of course, we all wish Eidos every success with this new digital download avenue for our Lara.
It sounds like the game itself is awesome & the developers have done a great job. It is just such a shame that the ball was dropped when it came to the final stage, delivering the actual package to the gaming masses.

Looking on the bright side, at least Eidos now have a positive case study & negative case study to examine. Let's hope they go with the Batman approach in the future.

29th Sep 2010, 14:32
This game is full of glitches and its a failure project 100%. I downloaded the game yesterday for my Ps3. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light made my Ps3 2 times frozen and most interesting thing about the game beside all the glitches. You won't see no trophies at all. Not even when you check the trophy list. Nothing appear there. I think this game was developed by few new developers who doesn't no nothing or coding. It doesn't deserve 14.99 it should sell for 2.99. Iam very disappointed with this game.

29th Sep 2010, 14:51
Oh dear, there is a very good chance that they will patch the critical bugs.
This news about the trophies not working sounds a bit worrying. I think that might be a first on PSN...gulp.

I see that official updates on all this are a bit thin on the ground. I would have thought that it would be all hands on deck today considering it is launch day.

29th Sep 2010, 14:55
It's usually around this time the Board starts blaming others for their business decisions and starts sacking perfectly good men who were doing a fabulous job.

29th Sep 2010, 15:08
All I can say is thank god I got a gamespot code!

Nearly completed it, dragging it out now to get the most of it. Luckily I wasn't one of the people trying to get it on launch day though! The frustration must have been terrible.
It was bad enough waiting as it was.

The glitches are bad too. Such a shame.

It really is a good game, I hope the bad things don't put companies off doing this sort of thing in the future. I loved the download side, no disc! No need to tramp out to the highstreet to buy it. No waiting for postman for days.

I loved the new style of play. I loved the game. Could do with being a tad cheaper for the length of it though. £7.99 would be more like it I think.

Maybe we can have a load of free DLC to make up for all the messing about yeah? :)