View Full Version : [PC] all progress vanished?

29th Sep 2010, 13:08
i have played the game for several hours, at one point i crashed(at Stronghold passage).

i went back to the game 15min later or so, and recived some sort of message about autosave.
i go to singleplayer - and bam.. .. only start a new game, everything's gone.

4th Oct 2010, 21:08
same thing happened to me :mad2:

14th Oct 2010, 02:36
now we are three!

eidos, please read this

14th Oct 2010, 05:25
omg more problems? guys im sorry for all of you..i don't think that eidos will fix anything..same story each yeah and same result with unfinished games..too bad for lara and the franchise..dear eidos stop rushing lara croft games for gods name you losing customers!