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29th Sep 2010, 12:28
Ps3 us version

my friend download demo and unlock code no trophy

1-) delete sava date utility

2-) and open game install trophy

but I am download game and unlock

1-)delete save data utiliy but no install trophy


29th Sep 2010, 14:36
I have same problem and I posted thread already about that. Its very simple, this game failure 100%. I made a mistake by buying this game. More 2.99 it doesn't deserve.

29th Sep 2010, 17:26
ım waiting patch

29th Sep 2010, 17:59
I hope the patch will come soon. I stopped playing the game until it get fix.

30th Sep 2010, 00:30
I got the trophies. Delete the game. Redownload the demo first, and after its done. Redownload the other file which it is full game. Then replay the game and you will see the trophies are working.

30th Sep 2010, 10:31
no working

30th Sep 2010, 14:48
Don't download both files at once. Make sure you download the demo first after its completed then download the other one. Try again it will work for sure. Its bug.

30th Sep 2010, 15:50
I have just read the following over on the official PS forums (from a reliable source).
I cannot vouch for this myself, but it would be worth a try if you have no trophies appearing.

*) Delete the Game & Save Data.
*) Go to your Download List on the PS Store.
*) Download the Game again.
*) Whilst the Game is downloading, download the small Unlock Key.

It sounds like deleting both the game & save data is the main step to do before downloading.

4th Oct 2010, 16:08
Whats the small unlock key ?

4th Oct 2010, 16:44
the full game unlock

4th Oct 2010, 18:35
Well I'll talk for those it didn't work for!:p

I downloaded the demo, then later the key, no trophy luck. I repeated the process, trophies installed then just didn't work. I did the same again and the trophies just still don't unlock or install.:lol:

4th Oct 2010, 18:37
I tryed but the trophies dont work edios has some explaining 2 do Lol. x