View Full Version : Lara Croft the Guardian of Light save game problem

28th Sep 2010, 15:46
I have got this big issue with auto save game feature in this game. Whenever I clear a level or a chapter in this game and after some time usually when i turn off my computer at night and then turn on my comp in the morning, all the saved positions are lost and I have to play this game again from the start? Anyways, I downloaded the save game from here http://forums.techarena.in/video-games/1365386.htm but after some hours of searching for the save game location, I couldnt find it on my pc anywhere? So anyone please tell me where is it?

10th Oct 2010, 12:28
"C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Local Settings\Application Data\SKIDROW\SAVES\35130\autosave.lcgolsave

anyway the game is not opening after applying that; 3 stages were remaining

13th Nov 2010, 09:48
if you are using Steam on your PC, your last autosave should be in the following folder
Steam > userdata > <folder with random number> > 35130 > remote

the folder will contain only one file with the name 'autosave.lcgolsave'

This is the one to backup or restore as needed.

30th Dec 2010, 00:54
I finished the spider tomb bit (single player) with steam online, then when i started it up with steam in offline mode it was back at the start again.

Does it make two different saves ? offline mode and online mode ?

If so that's a bit weird.

30th Dec 2010, 00:57
I finished the whole game and wanted to play it the next day and my saves were also gone... And replacing the autosave doesn't work... Does anyone have any ideas?

30th Dec 2010, 03:40
It appears the game lost it save point 'twice' ! :mad2:

If I have to restart again then i'm gonna shelf it until this problem is fixed.

Without a save option in the menu you just have to prey that it keeps the save point automatically.

5th Jan 2011, 04:40
"C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Local Settings\Application Data\SKIDROW\SAVES\35130\autosave.lcgolsave

Um...that would be the warezed version. Nice confession numbnuts...though most likely the warez version is the only one not having this save game problem because I think it's the Steam integration that causes it.

I get the problem any time I do ANYTHING with steam. Try to play offline after having played with steam online, no saves. Validate files because it won't start, all files check out and it still downloads a 7.5 meg file EVERY time and then...no saves. Sometimes it just randomly decides to do the "initial setup" and install directx and vcredist files again, and you guessed it...no saves!

I shelved the game after a few levels because no matter how often I back up the saves, the game loses them faster than I care to try and replace them and re-play 3/4 of it again every time I start it up again.