View Full Version : Everynow and then black screen .. everything else in game is perfectly normal

28th Sep 2010, 06:33
I purchsed the game throught download from eidos...Everything is fine and smooth...But the problem is that after sometime playing each time the game just get black screen , sound continuoes normally and the mouse pointer normal(only without picture)...even the keys are all working , I pause the game and I hear the movment of cursor over the menu options ... I minimize to DT and close the game through task manager...If I want to play again , the game will run normal for some time then goes back to same problem.(and NO signs of over heating...I KNOW HOW TO CHECK FOR THAT)...before 2 days (there were no problems) I installed riva tuner and used the d3d setting but I have uninstalled , also uninstalled the driver then reinstalled it without benefit..my system is :
Windows 7 32bit home premium
E8200 (temp not exceeding 62C at load)
2Gb RAM 800mhz
Gigabyte 8800GT (running cool,even at load it's temp no more than 68C)
Realtek onboard sound
Norton internet security 2010
Lan on board 10mb internet connection
latest drivers and direct X

please help me with this annoying problem
thanks in advance

26th Oct 2010, 06:56