View Full Version : the game will have trophies for ps3?

26th Sep 2010, 13:17
My question is if the game of lara croft will have trophies for ps3 or not? This is something not very important but I would want to know if the game will have them. Thank you. :)

Denis 100%
26th Sep 2010, 14:00
yes it has some easy to earn..dont expect a platinum though..its downloadable game like critter crunch or hamsterball..it has soome trophies but not more than 15..at least for now

26th Sep 2010, 18:47
As usual for most PSN games, 12 trophies: 7 bronze, 4 silver, 1 gold. 11 of them are pretty much given away as you just play through the game, only the gold one requires a bit of effort.

Denis 100%
26th Sep 2010, 19:12
Yep but it wont be that hard when the multiplayer patch released..u knew that most of the trophies in re5 I got em with help online co op..the bsaa emblems all with help..same with gol now

26th Sep 2010, 23:14