View Full Version : Playstation Bug Found, Please Patch Quick

25th Sep 2010, 15:09
Hi, I have just downloaded the LCGOL from psn by using the gamespot coad, I then clicked unlock the full game and paid £9.99 for it which now I have the full game (i know right iv had it 4days before its suppose to be out on playstation cool right)

I have a problem, I got to level 2, and am at the river behind the spider temple/tomb thing. I exited the game and have come back to it again following day.

When I click single player, then continue, the loading screen appears and when the text appears telling you the different achivements like 100000, 200000 and 300000. The playstation crashes inwhich i have to force it to shut down.

I have tryed to do this 3 times and it freezes everytime. Is any1 else able to confirm this and can you crystal dynamics hurry and get it fixed its a real pain in the A**!

(upadte) I started that level from the start and have now reached the 3rd level. Im at the start where you are in the jungle and there is a bridge with like green water under (just before you reach the summoning part) its not very deap, when running in the water is sound exactly the same as running on the normal floor so is there a way for you to add like a light splashing sound to that water please XD.