View Full Version : New Tomb Raider (Origins story confirmed)

23rd Sep 2010, 12:13
Check this out:

23rd Sep 2010, 12:46
Gamespot is just talking about the rumor... it can be true (or not), so I think I'm going to wait until we have some official confirmation from Square Enix/Eidos or CD! ;)

23rd Sep 2010, 18:30
no buy for me :( i want keeley hawes :p

23rd Sep 2010, 18:45
no buy for me :( i want keeley hawes :p

I agree and if you get rid of Keeley no worries cause she voices a few adverts and she gonna be in a new TV show... Period drama yay:rolleyes:

I like the ideas of it but it's just gotta have keeley to complete it!

23rd Sep 2010, 18:52
what where does it say keeley isn't voicing lara croft?!!!!


23rd Sep 2010, 18:55
what where does it say keeley isn't voicing lara croft?!!!!


haha, don't worry it hasn't but usually if you change the age of a character you usually change the voice actress to fit...which im hoping that won't

@Ants well as long as keeley is still in my life im happeh :D

23rd Sep 2010, 18:58
yeah i know... but... but... no one is better than keeley... :'(
sorry this is random and i suppose it should be in the thread of randomness but tomb raider underworld was on waterloo road!!! a tv series of school kids in england! yey! a kid was giving away dvds and games and one of them was TR:U :D

23rd Sep 2010, 19:02
@TRgal - I have no idea, not read the article cause I'm on my iPod and trying to open something will probably make it combust... And I love my iPod!:(

@Danielsun - I agree, I turn on my PSP Ive got ashes wallpaper (not been on it since ashes finished, turn on my iPod I've got the ashes soundtrack and look at my DVDs and I've got the ashes boxsets... She's all over the place here:lol:


29th Sep 2010, 20:37
Still i while 2 go so there will be lots more news but seems exiting.

29th Sep 2010, 21:20
I really do hope the game comes out.

30th Sep 2010, 00:41
Still i while 2 go so there will be lots more news but seems exiting.

I think it's still just rumors at this point, so we'll have to wait for any news at all :hmm:

30th Sep 2010, 09:01
I didn't even bother to read that article, well I did but stopped after the firt 2 lines, I'm sick of seeing second rate reporters who have not followed the series throwing insults at AOD to start their article of to say how well TR could do. Newsflash, One; AOD was released 7 years ago, no it was not well recieved but there have been 2 very successful follow ups. And Two, do some bloody research and stop picking the easy option!

Phew, Ok rant over and back on topic. Love the gameplay concept of open world etc that was in the leaked brief, hope all that comes out. The origins story doesn't really bother me as long as it doesn't tread on the toes of Lara's other earlier outings (Peru, Von Croy etc)

And lastly, I hope Keeley stays, I love her.

1st Oct 2010, 14:25
Is this Gamespot site supposed to be journalistic or just marketing? (The name Rumor Comtrol is quite funny.)

1st Oct 2010, 19:56
i read it and it doesn't look completely confirmed, however gamestop is a huge video game store so it might still be hard core.