View Full Version : Need Help with Evil Ninjas

21st Sep 2010, 03:39
I'm playing MN on PC. I'm on Level 14 Winter Range. So I'm in the Happy Monkey Hot Spring
with the evil mage playing his pipe and sending me 3 evil ninjas. Everytime I'm up there and finally kills him. I can't seem to killl all of the evil ninjas before Hiro's health runs out and I'm running out of healing potions. Does anyone out here know what is the best and fastest way to kill all of these pesky, teleporting ninjas before they kill Hiro off? Any help would be much appreciated.:mad2:


9th Nov 2010, 07:39
Oops. Never mind. I found that using Shun's arrows will kill the little suckers without those crazy teleporting ninjas getting him at all. Hehehe.