View Full Version : Patch question Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

19th Sep 2010, 11:33
I installeds Commandos BEL from the "commandos complete" DVD.

On the DVD are patches for each of the games. The patch for Commandos BEL contains only one file, a new "commandos.exe" with the date 1998-07-08.

However the Commandos.exe of the just installed game has a last changed date of
05. September 1998.

So the installed game is already newer than the patch delivered with the game?
Do I still need to install that patch and how could I find out for sure if my game has the newest version or not?

4th Oct 2010, 00:35
Usually when you go to apply a game patch it will inform you wether the original files it is updating are newer that the ones contained in the patch - if it doesn't you should be fine.

Also, I can't imagine that the developers of the complete collection would put an older patch in, if it is not necessary???

25th Oct 2010, 15:56
Two threads ago Video Options in C:BEL (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=113733) you asked about C:BEL remembering it's video settings. This is what the patch fixed back then. So why don't you try the other exe and see if that is so?