View Full Version : code for graphic content

12th Sep 2010, 22:43
Is there a code to stop the blurring of graphic content as I cant see why the cussing is allowed but not graphic content.

13th Sep 2010, 00:06
No. It's part of the game's visual 'amateur cam' style.

13th Sep 2010, 00:12
so there is no way to get rid of the blurs ok thx

joe the janitor
13th Sep 2010, 00:39
This is probably the most reasonable someone has ever been about the graphics for the game. Most people are like "aWWW sukz Lolz,,,, so nubzthis dum!!1 hakz"....

13th Sep 2010, 00:43
why get all bent out of shape i just wish there was a way to change the amature cam

13th Sep 2010, 00:45
Trust me, without the style...thee wouldn't be whole lot. The game really lacks in other departments...especially the "content" one.

13th Sep 2010, 16:44
There actually is no gore for the headshots. I happened to die in a nasty way and my corpse landed next to a cops body who's face was pixeled. I saw the face, it is just like any other cop face. No wonder i never saw a red, dark red or light red pixels covering the face because....there is no gore!

I'm guessing the same is for Kane and Lynch's package. No willy.