View Full Version : Portal 2 just looks amazing

12th Sep 2010, 10:04
I know cgi trailers have nothing on games.

But damn valve make good cgi trailers


12th Sep 2010, 14:00
This game is going to be awesome.

GlaDOS sounds way more evil this time around. I guess being torn apart piece by piece and then exploded kind of pissed her off.

"Don't disappoint me...or I'll make you wish you could die."

EDIT: How about this one?


"I've been really busy being dead...you know, after you murdered me."

"Okay, look, we both said a lot of things you're going to regret, but I think we can put our differences behind us. For science. You monster."

One of Seven
12th Sep 2010, 14:05
Not much of a Portal guy.

12th Sep 2010, 14:17
There are people who don't like Portal? :O

Looking at the game, it's going to be fantastic. Too bad MY PS3 IS BROKEN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

I blame Dog Days. Playing it broke my PS3 somehow. I'm sure that's it. >.>

One of Seven
12th Sep 2010, 14:23
Get an Xbox, cheaper, good warranty if it breaks, they fix it, send it back, you play again, lot's of multiplat games work better, Dragon age look better on PS3, but it drop below 20 frames, xbox don't do that, Saboteur, Lost Planet look and play better on Xbox too, get Xbox, Xbox, Xbox, Xbox, Xbox, Xbox, Xbox, Xbox.

Hopefully my brainwashing worked. I used to have a PS3, payed about how much new ones are now, execpt mine was terrible. It didn't have back-compat, it didn't have HDMI, only 2 USB ports, and 40 gigs....

12th Sep 2010, 14:32
Portal is good, very good even but I think it's extremely overrated. It seemed as if people liked it alot more than half life 2 episode 2 which was amazing imo

12th Sep 2010, 16:26
Co-op will be enjoyable hehehe....

13th Sep 2010, 01:06
Portal was a masterpiece because in the space of two hours it delivered something worthwhile , keeping it simple , clean , and just plain effective ...

One of the first statesment about Portal 2 from the developpers however is that "It Will Be a Full Game" ...

If that means adding useless cutscenes , unfunny dialogues , witty-but-overall-waste-of-time-characters , well , Grievous-wall-of-text-rant incomming ! ...