View Full Version : Can a Helicopter fly into space ? ...

10th Sep 2010, 18:49
Been wanting to aks this question in here for days , but i keep on forgetting it , memory loss and all ...

If a Helicopter keeps on movin' on up , is it possible for it to fly into outer space ? ...
Or is there a invisible barrier that instantly stops its ascencion , like in Grand Theft Auto ? ...

10th Sep 2010, 18:51
Blades get cold, ices up.

Falls down to earth, everyone dead.

One of Seven
10th Sep 2010, 18:57
Wind/altitude level, makes it harder to control and "stuff".

10th Sep 2010, 19:02
Haven't you tried it in GTA IV? Of course there is invisible barrier.

10th Sep 2010, 19:19
No, the helicopter morphs into a Transformer and engages foot rockets.