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8th Sep 2010, 21:39
Welcome, MxOAgentJohnson.
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8th Sep 2010, 22:17
That's all you got ? i had more than two hundred private messages , and i had to print the screen , save it in Paint , then delete the message to keep my mail box free , but even now it's always stuck at ninety eight/five percent , it's ridiculous ...

8th Sep 2010, 22:19
Grievous, out of every ******* weird ass lynch impersonator in the universe, i was expecting you to get this.

8th Sep 2010, 22:23
47... *slaps Grievous*

8th Sep 2010, 22:29
That doesn't mean **** , unless you precisely reached forty seven private messages Today , at that Exact Time ...
Due to a lack of precision you expect me to make sense out of that ? ...

8th Sep 2010, 22:53
Due to a lack of precision you expect me to make sense out of that ? ...

8th Sep 2010, 23:08
Damn, we really are out of things to talk about

8th Sep 2010, 23:38
Not my fault none of you wants to feed my political discussions on the general discussion board ...

Then again , yeah , all you can reply with is a nod with the head , or a fart , depending on the person ...

I miss that 'fight' with that guy who got dragged to see Twilight ...

9th Sep 2010, 00:16
I miss the achievement thread.

9th Sep 2010, 00:23
We can make a "How would you have improved Dog Days' trophy/achievement" thread ...
I'm game for that , and We can do it right now if you want it ...

9th Sep 2010, 00:28
S'get it on

9th Sep 2010, 00:29
Righto ! ...

*waiting for the clock hits 47 first though* ...

9th Sep 2010, 00:31
Make sure you put 'achievements' first

9th Sep 2010, 00:33
What happens if i say no ? ...

9th Sep 2010, 03:22
Every time I get a private message, god kills a unicorn with a baseball bat.

9th Sep 2010, 04:07
ROFL i knew you were going to say something like that ...

9th Sep 2010, 05:40
Welcome, gnrGrievous.
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Your PM box is 98% full.

Got the topic back on track , didn't it ? ...

9th Sep 2010, 21:24
I miss the days when we actually thought that Dog Days was going to actually not be worse than Dead Men.

...ice burn.

9th Sep 2010, 21:56
I miss those days too. However, other than being short, Kane & Lynch 2 is an improvement over the first game in almost every way.

and long after all the fair-weather fans leave, I know we're still going to be here... keeping the flame alive. It's our job... it's the only job we know how to do.

9th Sep 2010, 23:01
What the hell ? was the only one who knew that it wasn't going to surpass Dead Men ? ...
That'll explain why i'm the least pessimistic person in here at the moment ...

And Kent , the rapist came , and tattooed their names ... yep , they did it just like i said they would ... they did it alright ...