View Full Version : LOL Zack Snyder directing a movie based off of kids' books.

2nd Sep 2010, 16:12
If you haven't read the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books (and I wouldn't blame you, I was rather young when they come out but you were older, and probably didn't bother with books about talking owls) but they were actually rather good. There weren't any people in the books, and were hardly any references to them (they were called the "Others", and were implied to have all died a very long time ago), so there wasn't any potential for serious sappiness. I remember it being a very good, rather serious series- there was brainwashing, cannibalism, starvation, a regime closely resembling Nazi Germany (the Pure Ones), and plenty of characters ended up dead by the last book. The series was consistently good, and I have very fond memories about it.



I didn't think this was going to be any good, but then I heard that Zack Snyder was directing it. While it's very weird that he's directing a PG-rated movie, he can probably pull it off. There were certainly enough fight scenes in the books for him, especially the parts with Metal Beak.

In conclusion: It's probably just nostalgia, but I want to see it. >___> All that can be guaranteed is that we will be seeing scenes in sloooooooooow mooootion and then in fast motion and then in slow motion again.

And hey, at least my nostalgia trip isn't being directed by that bastard Michael Bay. : D

Also, apparently there's a 30 Seconds To Mars song worth listening to, which I didn't know until this trailer.

2nd Sep 2010, 16:16
I'll be honest, I think the movie looks terrible. It's not the talking owls part, it's the part where the rest of the movie is way to epic sounding to feature owls. It just seems silly if you ask me.

Also, when I saw the trailer for the first time back in March or so, most of the theatre broke out laughing. Not a good sign.

2nd Sep 2010, 16:18
I guess you had to have read the books as a kid. >__>

Admittedly, if I had seen the trailer without knowing about the books, I would have been all "LOL wtf". It seems a lot less ridiculous when you were introduced to the concept as a fourth grader.

2nd Sep 2010, 16:50
The trailers are meh, but the design show promise and all the story echoes of watership down, wich is good.

ps: I hope you're joking about the music...

2nd Sep 2010, 17:07
Ah, that's right. You actually can draw a good comparison between those books and Watership Down.

Also, I have my taste in music and you have yours. Deal with it.

3rd Sep 2010, 02:17
Zack Snyder? I'll watch it.
In my opinion he has a good eye, and he made one of most acceptable remakes.

3rd Sep 2010, 03:56
I don't know about Zack Snyder. On one hand, he made Watchmen, and that was pretty awesome. On the other hand, he's making Sucker Punch, and that looks like a nightmare on film, and not in a good horror movie way.

3rd Sep 2010, 04:23
That's your opinion. To me Sucker Punch looks like fun mindless flick with a lot of eye candy.

joe the janitor
3rd Sep 2010, 04:40
That's your opinion. To me Sucker Punch looks like fun mindless flick with a lot of eye candy.

*Looks up trailer*

.... Did I just see a movie about Nazi Samurai Dragons!

3rd Sep 2010, 06:35
It's Alice in Wonderland with guns haha
Yeah it really looks like it's not going to be anything more than sexy ladies and non-sense action...sometimes you need movies like that.

3rd Sep 2010, 19:06
It's Alice in Wonderland with guns


3rd Sep 2010, 21:11

Alice in Wonderland with Machine Guns (http://palethunder.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/sucker-punch-alice-in-wonderland-with-machine-guns/)*