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1st Sep 2010, 02:15
i recently purchased kane and lynch 2 from bestbuy and it came with the alliance gun pack for free, and instantly installed along with my game once i put the disk in, when the DLC on steam has now been released (via steam) and i do not see the weapons unlocked as stated in the DLC im missing the Doretta Silenced, Steele 870, TOQ SBR, and Kaliningrad 47 weapons but i have the other 3 weapons unlocked whats with this Eidos, steam says i have the DLC installed but its not working. someone please help


when got the game when it came out and started playing i noticed the weapons stated above were not unlocked in the first place, so i thought to myself, well when the DLC is offically released maybe my DLC will be activated, guess not, 2 weeks prior to DLC offically releases i noticed a few people (when i was playing fragile alliance - ranked) with their weapons unlocked (Kaliningrad 47) mainly which stiked my curiousity as to why i didnt have my guns but they did.

Eidos Support
2nd Sep 2010, 08:12
Alliance Assault Pack
8 Masks
3 Weapons (PAC 10 silenced, N 77P Silenced, TOQ Elite)

This is all the weapons you get with that pack. DLC information is stickied in this forum, you can find it here: DLC Explained (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=113036)