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31st Aug 2010, 14:41
First off, I'm surprised that people aren't really sharing their thoughts on the game. Figured I might start a thread to do just that. Here goes:

Overall, I was very impressed. The game is well worth the $15 I spent, and my friend and I had a blast playing co-op together. We will definitely be playing the game again on the harder difficulty.

Couple of things I wanted to mention/ask though, I'll list them out.

-The puzzles were FANTASTIC. There were some that had my friend and I scratching our heads for a good 5 minutes and that's pretty impressive for a video game, we can usually figure things out pretty quickly. The uses of the environment and weapons/bombs was spot-on, and there never really was a moment where I felt like the puzzles were too easy. Always giving a challenge to players let's me give a big thumbs up :thumb:

-Gun gameplay was pretty solid, though I'm still not sure that I like the idea of aiming the gun with the right stick. It was awkward for sure, and dodging while shooting is damn-near impossible without 3 hands. I also was slightly discouraged at the fact that Totec's spear had a "laser pointer" to show where you were aiming; with Lara's weapons she had no such pointer, which kinda left it unbalanced when Lara was needed to shoot something at a precise time. Loved the weapon variety, though the rocket launcher is ridiculously overpowered.

-Final boss fight: EXCELLENT. My friend and I looked at each other at the start and said, "This better be totally epic, or else..." and we were not disappointed. Monster spawns and using all of the dangers from the previous levels really put this boss fight over the top. Might have been a little better to have the boss with just 1 life bar that decreased slowly to a certain percentage to make it a little more believable. It was hard to gauge "how much was left", especially since we were trying for the 10:00 completion timer. More on that below...

-Completion Timer Challenges. Some are borderline insane while others are just painfully easy. Examples of easy ones are the T-Rex boss fight and Chompy, and ridiculous ones include the Forgotten Gate, and Temple of Light. I managed to get the Temple of Light one by rolling NONSTOP through the level, never killed anything unless needed, and made it to the exit in 5:58 / 6:00 required. I even shortcutted the part where the platform extends by itself or whatever by just using the spear/jump combination (single player) but I was shocked to see that I *barely* made it.

-Replayability. Game should have the ability to have more than one save slot per account. I was tremendously disappointed that when my friend and I completed the co-op version of the game, I had everything pretty much unlocked for the single player version. You should be able to choose your character save and start brand new if you want. I really wanted to see how difficult the challenge rooms are as single player hurdles instead of co-op, and all of the challenge rooms don't have lights on anymore as the artifact/relic is already gone (and I can select and use them from the start of the game) Basically, I was disappointed that I only had the option to select levels in Single Player instead of just playing through the entire game from scratch with one player. I feel like this should be patched in an update; big mistake to force players to either erase their data, or start with a different account.

-Lava Level. Stronghold Passage I think it's called. This level is just stupidly hard. My friend and I died on this level so many times that we ended up with 0 points combined total. Touching the fire should not be an insta-death. This was annoying beyond belief.

-DLC. It was said that the DLC would be free for the first month for Xbox owners; can't find it on the Marketplace. If anyone has any information about this I'd love to know the scoop!

My score: 9.5/10

By far the best co-op puzzle game I've ever played on a console. My friend and I were very excited to see how much attention was given to the co-op aspect of this game, it really shows with the tremendous gameplay!

Have thoughts about the game? Post them here! :D

31st Aug 2010, 20:38
I loved the game the end boss was amazing, seriously, could not have asked for better, the amount of times i made a wrong turn or forgot to jump off of the middle platform (to be greeted by hot lava) was just amazing

i agree about the saves more, i would like multiple save points which would be nice, and i agree with the fire, in previous games it has never been insta kill which took me by surprise when i got melted down..and then i started getting annoyed lol

i do love the unlockables, such as the bonus weapons (spear of darkness and costumes) currently working towards the 2.4mil mark which i will be pleased with when i have reached it :D

overall i love this game aswell, truly a masterpiece and its scores are brilliant, if they can make the pillar release as fun as this and scores simular if not better than LCGOL then CD can be truly impressed with themselves :)

7th Sep 2010, 02:52
Did I post this thread in the wrong place, or are people just not posting their thoughts? I thought for sure that more than 1 person would have thoughts about the game overall by now...:scratch:

7th Sep 2010, 05:10
I'm definitely going to share my thoughts about the game when it comes out on PC. :)

7th Sep 2010, 13:05
I'm definitely going to share my thoughts about the game when it comes out on PC. :)

Ahhhhh, yea I kinda forgot it's only out on Xbox 360 at the moment...my bad ;)

10th Sep 2010, 15:50
Spear.. of.. Darkness? How? :O gimme!

22nd Sep 2010, 07:59
Thanks to GameSpot early access offer I downloaded the demo of LCGoL yesterday and immediately after playing the demo I purchased the full game.

I don't really have enough free time to play the game but from what I've seen so far GoL is really something special! :)
The graphics are superb, so is the music! The challenges and puzzles are definitely more difficult than the ones we have seen in previous TR games developed by CD. The combat is also quite enjoyable. I like the fact that manual aim was implemented. It makes the combat less boring.

Apart from the fact that the overall impression of the game is great, there are some things that really bug me. Controls. It's a disaster! Complete disaster!
You can use the mouse in combat, which is nice since it's more precise but the rest of the controls is some kind of mistake.
The worst thing is that you have to hold the interaction button while moving the ball around or pulling a lever. The same goes with the grapple gun.
What's more, the buttons that are used to move around (AWDS) are not precise enough. Thus, I often fell into the spike pit. :(
The controls were the only thing I was afraid of and, unfortunately, I was right.

Nevertheless, the game is great and I love it! :D
I will have to get myself a new gamepad for PC. :hmm:

22nd Sep 2010, 12:46
Excuse me how did u purchase a game that havent yet released? I have the demo too but every time I try to unlock full game it shows me errors so it hapens because its not out yet..

22nd Sep 2010, 13:29
What's more, the buttons that are used to move around (AWDS) are not precise enough. Thus, I often fell into the spike pit. :(
I was wondering how they were gonna solve that: being able only to move in 8 directions with the WASD keys as opposed to the full 360 degrees with the stick on a console controller.
So it turns out they didn't solve it at all... I'll definitely buy it for PS3 then.

22nd Sep 2010, 13:36
Excuse me how did u purchase a game that havent yet released? I have the demo too but every time I try to unlock full game it shows me errors so it hapens because its not out yet..

Well, I went to Steam website, logged in, entered the LCGoL store page and bought the game. The "buy" option was unlocked for me.

Jurre, the controls are really bad so if you have a choice go with the PS3 version. I think that after a while I will get used to them or get a new PC gamepad. Still, the game is fantastic and definitely worth the money! Excellent job Crystal D.! :D:thumb:

22nd Sep 2010, 17:51
Just played part of the demo and I don't like so won't be wasting my money buying it

23rd Sep 2010, 08:47
im thinking the same but i promised it to my psn buddies as a gift and i keep my promises

24th Sep 2010, 03:46
Just played part of the demo and I don't like so won't be wasting my money buying it

I don't know what the demo allows you to play, but if it's the first level, the demo will NOT do the game justice. The puzzles that you have access to when playing co-op are superb, and this game is well worth the $15 being asked for the download. Whatever platform you play on, you should give the full game a try :)

24th Sep 2010, 05:32
Just played part of the demo and I don't like so won't be wasting my money buying it

Not for the money, it's not actually expensive. I'm not wasting hours of my lifetime playing it. As much as I love the series I didnt like this co-op thing and retro style at all. There are better games out there to keep me busy while I wait for the next Tomb Raider. I'm pretending this LC:Gol never happened, just as I did to TR:U exclusive DLC.

24th Sep 2010, 16:17
i wasnt too sure how the coop was going to work out since its always been lara n only her. but.. than i got to playing it and realizing the puzzles were amazing! some i just couldnt think of lol n im good at puzzles. and i really like the feature that u really had to help each other to move n u get to be competitive with points ;) but overall.. best game ive ever played! that is coop that is :) but all tr games have lived up pretty good to what they r n need to be

25th Sep 2010, 18:32
I have a ps3 so i dont get it until the 28th and im really looking forward 2 playing it !!! :D x

27th Sep 2010, 11:31
If you got the gamespot code you could be playing it on PS3 now!

I basicaly completed it this weekend. I stopped at the last level though, so the end boss is yet to be a surprise for me :)

I loved it. Great game.


Timed missions, yes, many were STUPID hard.
Puzzles, ALL too easy. I don't think I had to turn my thinking cap on once. It was just do this do that, right, where is the puzzle? Oh, that was it? Meh.
There also wasnt much variation on them. It was all just roll a ball here, roll a ball there, blow a ball that way etc. Oh, and a few spear jumps.

I want new levels, new Puzzles, more more more of GoL!

I think it was great, SO glad I bought it. To those that don't like it, I am sorry, but I think you are missing out. Up to you though.

Also, I tried it in 3D using my TVs 2D to 3D conversion, amazing! I wish it had been made 3D from the start. It really added 'depth' (scuse the pun) to the game. I actualy played 70% of it in 3D, the rest was only in 2D because my wife and child were egging me on and I didnt want them to see a fuzzy game.

30th Sep 2010, 17:20
There we go... ! I have to talk about this game, I just need to say what I do think about this amazing, this surprising, this huge game that is LCGoL.

When I first saw screenshots and videos of that "spin-off", I was there like "What the hell is that thing ? What do they do to Lara ?!!!". I was fed up yet of Crystal, of their games too easy, where Tomb Raider became "The Quest for Mommy and Daddy", where the ambience and the adventure feeling of the first episodes was definitely dead; those games that were the opposite of a Tomb Raider for me. Good games, yes, but not good Tomb Raider. Then when I saw this weird spin-off, how could I imagine that it would FINALLY be the game that would make me trust Crystal again ?

I felt more like in a TR game with LCGoL than with TR7, TRA and TR8. Why ? Because, FINALLY, we have a hard game, with long, long, long hours of adventure, of reflexion, of traps, of action. The game really makes me feel that I'm travelling around the world with Lara, as it was in the first TR. The levels are long !!! =D No more short levels that we finish in ten minutes ! Even the "boss" levels that are short are good, because the extra missions are really interesting and numerous. FINALLY, the game has an ambience : each level has his own theme, his own concept, and we really have the feeling that the world is turning into hell in the last levels. Maybe too much gunfight, but after all it's a spin-off ^^
But we feel like in a TR, and it's just sooooooo good =D

And the better part is of course the co-op ! Everything is so great, we have to think with two brains, and it changes everything ! For a game that has been made in a short time, this game is so amazing !

I'm now really, really excited about the future of TR. What I do hope is that Crystal will continue to get inspired from the old TR games, that they will make a great game, a true TR, with an ambience, traps, reflexion... Just like LCGOL starts doing. This game is great. It's not a TR, but sometimes we feel like it is. I haven't finished it yet, and it's so pleasant to think that I'm stuck on a puzzle ! :o It's really a feeling that I never had before with Crystal, and... That's great (how many times did I say "great" :D) !

I just wanna say "Thanks" to Crystal, thanks a lot, you can be proud of LCGoL !!! Keep going, continue in that way, make TR9 a great game that is like TR games !

(oh my god, I think there are loads of language mistakes in that post)

1st Oct 2010, 10:18
i must admit, i was blown away when i played this game. ive only downloaded the trail version temporarily but a good game deserves some of my money so i will buy it in the future. I was expecting this game to be on a similar level to TR: Underworld however its just completely different.

Well done Crystal Dynamics :thumb:

2nd Oct 2010, 17:24
I've not finished the game yet, I've been playing it with my brother and we're loving it! It's a really great game, I'm enjoying playing it and it does feel like a Lara Croft adventure!

Congrats CD for a beautiful, fun, exciting and great game! :cool:

2nd Oct 2010, 18:54
When you play local coop, player 1 has everything he had unlocked in single. While player 2 starts getting equip from the coop campaign amirite?

So in multiplayer coop, does it mean EVERYTHING will be unlocked at the start for both players? Supposing you have already done single.

2nd Oct 2010, 20:16
When you play local coop, player 1 has everything he had unlocked in single. While player 2 starts getting equip from the coop campaign amirite?

So in multiplayer coop, does it mean EVERYTHING will be unlocked at the start for both players? Supposing you have already done single.

I have no idea 'cause I haven't played in single, just co-op!!! :cool:

2nd Oct 2010, 22:41
So I've played through the first two levels now, and my reaction is?


Seriously, it is everything I could wish from it and none of the things I don't like. I'm not a professional reviewer and I'm not gonna discuss all the aspects of the game, instead I name the things that stood out for me the most...

The first thing I've noticed are the warm colours of the enviroment. I've often complained about the backgrounds in Underworld looking cold and soulless, or even downright ugly. This is the total opposite of that: the enviroments look beautiful and cozy and it's a pleasure to raid through them.

Combat: I would say that the difference between autolock and manual aim is the difference between awkward and fun. The new combat works like a dream and because there really is the danger of dying it gives the feeling of really being in an actual fight instead of the clumsy sterile combat of the previous games, were the worst thing that could happen was to continue the game with 39 healthpacks instead of 40 after an awkward struggle with the camera. Finally it really feels like Lara is a fearsome warrior capable of kicking some serious butt yet at the same time going through an actual challenge.

Character development: though there hardly was any, I love it when she says something very posh and civilised (and very BRITISH) when being confronted with something terrifying. It's ten times funnier than all the jokey crap of Nathan Drake.

Music: it's all recycled of course but that's okay. Actually, it is great to hear Troels F├╝rmanns masterpieces from Legend again!

Like I said I've only played the first two levels so far, and that is all I'm gonna do for today since I want to consume this masterpiece little by little. When I've completed the game I will probably say some more about it. So far I give it a 10 out of 10. Now some people might say I can't give it a 10 because nothing is perfect: that is true from an objective point of view, but when the overall experiece is good enough to overshadow the negative things completly it simply is a perfect game.
I've been angry about Underworld, and I still am about that game, but I've made my peace with Crystal D, because this one is like it has been made for me; you guys can do it! Keep it up!

3rd Oct 2010, 06:11
Excellent review Jurre! I agree that manual aim is much better than autolock.
It would be great, if this was somehow implemented in the next Tomb Raider game.
Did you play on PS3, 360 or PC?

3rd Oct 2010, 07:27
Thoughts about the game? Fantastic!!!!!! though we haven't finished the game, stopped after xoxolt left his throne in hell or wherever and left us to deal with those 3 Lava monsters... Are they Immortal or something?!!!! Anyhow called it a day and will finish eventually.... So far the game was unexpectedly fun :D Good job Crystal! I would definitely like some of these features in a future TR title.

3rd Oct 2010, 07:49
Excellent review Jurre! I agree that manual aim is much better than autolock.
It would be great, if this was somehow implemented in the next Tomb Raider game.
Did you play on PS3, 360 or PC?

Thanks. I play it on PS3.

3rd Oct 2010, 12:46
Hi everyone, I finished the new Lara Croft adventure yesterday and I also have to share my thoughts with you and also give the development team a feedback on their work.

First, a brief info on me: I play video games for more than 15 years now and I have a crush on the Tomb Raider series (or Lara Croft?:rolleyes: ) since the beginning in the mid 90s. So basically you can call me a hardcore gamer and a TR fan (although I haven't played all the games of the series, "Chronicles" and "Angel of Darkness" for example).
I played GoL solo on the PS3.
Oh and I'm from Germany so please excuse me for some language mistakes in this post :D

Thoughts on the announcement:
When I first heard about the idea of GoL, I was immediately impressed. The combination of shooter and puzzle elements sounded fresh and of course, co-op games are always great. I don't really like download games for their overall lack of quality but GoL promised nice graphics, gameplay and lots of content to keep you busy.

Things I liked:
- The gameplay itself is great! The combination of shooting and puzzle solving works very well, it never gets too boring because the game always switches between these two elements.
- Atmosphere is intense, thanks to the music and the design of environment. Good examples are the spider tomb, the swamps or the lava dungeon at the end.
- Lots of hidden secrets to search for!
- The variety of weapons and artifacts gives depth to the gameplay and it's very motivating to master the challenges to get new ones.
- For a download game you get a lot of content: I always tried to collect every jewel and skull and spent 1-2 hours per level. All together it easily took me around 10 hours to finish the game and I'm not talking about getting ALL objects. Thumbs up!
- the controls worked perfect
- lots of nice outfits for Lara to unlock, thank you :rolleyes:

Things I did not like:
- The story in this game is really weak :hmm:. Basically you get all information in the intro scene and after that it's just chasing Xolotl until you finally confront him. Please give a little more depths to the characters and storyline. This is one of the Tomb Raider/Lara Croft brand icons!
- Most of the puzzles are too easy. In 90% of the cases I managed to figure out the solution in a few seconds. That's ok for the ones you have to complete to progress but especially the challenge rooms (which are optional) should have been more "challenging" for the hardcore gamers.
- There are too many similar weapons. Instead of having multiple kinds of handguns/shotguns/etc. just have one weapon of each kind which can be upgraded with more firepower and features!
- No online coop until the release of a patch was first a huge letdown (since I planed to play GoL with a buddy) but after starting the game on solo mode it has been a really entertaining experience

All in all:
I can't say if people like me were the target group for this kind of spin-off TR game, but I was definitely impressed by it and I hope there will be a successor and lots of additional dlc!
Kind regards,

3rd Oct 2010, 15:24
iv played the game over 3 times and im still not tired of it.

It was better than i expected and i cant wait until the next 1 comes. lol x

3rd Oct 2010, 18:01
For the french-speaking people (and for those that know Google Translate :D), here is a longer text about what I think of GoL ^^

3rd Oct 2010, 18:17
I just defeated the T-Rex!!! I'm so loving the game so far!!! :D

5th Oct 2010, 15:28
I know its brilliant.

Terminal Meltdown
5th Oct 2010, 16:12
I know its brilliant.

Hehehe. It's a great game. I've played it over 40 hours now.. Can't wait for the DLC and COOP ! :D