View Full Version : Just listening to this guy tells you all you need to know about DX3

31st Aug 2010, 11:28
1. No mention of drawing from the previous Deus Ex game
2. Haphazardly putting together a story based on metaphors instead of working out the story from the original game story content.
3. Just by the way the guy talks you can tell he doesn't understand what he is really talking about.


Sounds like this is going to be a game that looks great, has nothing to do with the original Dues Ex games and is going to have a story that blows.

When you make a game that was one of the best games in history, you dont make haphazard decisions about which direction you want the game to go. It shouldn't even be called Deus Ex in the first place unless you are will to pay respect to the first game by drawing from the original story and working from there..

31st Aug 2010, 11:40
Uh oh.

31st Aug 2010, 11:50
I lol'd. Then I closed it.
OP can PM me if he requires an explanation but hopefully he can work it out for himself...