View Full Version : Stronghold Passage

29th Aug 2010, 19:28
:mad2: Find 6 rolling balls to extinguish the flames. I'm stuck trying to get the balls from the room with the square floor/flames and grabble hook in the middle. Can't get the ball released from behind the cage. any help is appreciated!!

29th Aug 2010, 19:49
duh! figured it out- grabble to the hook on the first switch and walk around to the other side and stand on the switch. Ta-Da! fire is off to stand on middle switch

6th Jun 2012, 01:41
First when you go in each forum, there is a pull down that says how long to show threads since, it defaults to one day. Since the forums get the traffic they do these days, that usually only leaves the stickies!

Is it possible something poisoned the fish. Some fumes in the air or something someone could have accidently put in the tanks That is a mystery, hope you get to the bottom of it!

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