View Full Version : Hosts quitting

28th Aug 2010, 16:19
Another problem is hosts who leave the game because of the sheer raping that goes down, there are games out there that automatically switch the host if the original host has connection problems or has quit the game, urs decides to close the game. I mean well done making it so you have to hold the ps button to do it, but its actually quicker to quit the whole game and come back in rather that wait to go through the game closing and buffering.
Do this :mad2:

28th Aug 2010, 19:22

I literally raped this dude in a van while he was collecting cash on the airport level.
As soon as i demolished him, he quit! Seriously, these guys/gals need to be punished.

28th Aug 2010, 19:33
ye i wish it would just find a new host and contine because sometimes you can't go 1 game without people being bad losers and quitting!