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Eidos Support
27th Aug 2010, 15:34
There seems to be some confusion surrounding the DLC and what you get from it. So I've written up the following to try and help.

There are 3 DLC packs which have been released either as pre-order incentives (US region) and with the Limited Edtion, these are: Greed Betrayal Revenge, GoodBye Katty GUN and Alliance Assault Pack. The Limited Edition version comes with all 3.

Please Note: These items are only available in either Multiplayer or Arcade game modes

Greed Betrayal Revenge
Radio Tower Multiplayer map
3 Weapons (Doretta Silenced, Steele 870, TOQ SBR)

Goodby Katty GUN
1 Weapon (Kaliningrad 47)

Alliance Assault Pack
8 Masks
3 Weapons (PAC 10 silenced, N 77P Silenced, TOQ Elite)

There are other maps and weapons which you can already see in the game, these will be made available as future DLC packs, details of which are coming soon.

Regarding the Weapons specifically, these are accessed within a Multiplayer or Arcade mode game after the first round. You will be given the chance to Purchase weapons, so long as you have enough money. The other prerequisite is that you are of the correct rank to unlock the weapon for purchase. Ranking within the game Starts at Rank 8: Mugger to Rank 1: Mastermind.

To illustrate this I've drawn up the attached PDF file which should help with understanding the weapon DLC further.

If you have anything constructive to add to this information, please feel free to post below and I'll try and get it added in. Non-constructive posts will likely be deleted and could lock this thread.

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