View Full Version : Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - 3DS

5th Apr 2014, 01:55
Well, I need to say that I believe Square Enix has done a LARGE disfavor to themselves, and to their customers, by not continuing the Crystal Chronicles franchise with the same vigor that the original had. I'm here now because I' hoping to get some response (however unlikely it may be) from an actual moderator of the forum.

Firstly, I know that Square Enix has recently been looking back on how they will be conducting future RPGs due to the great success they had with Bravely Default and its 'original rpg design'. Since that's the case, why not look back to the original Crystal Chronicles to further exploit this interest in traditional rpgs?

The biggest fault of the original was simply the cost to play with others. As it has been mentioned before, taking full advantage of the game required to much up-front cash in order to truly explore the game with friends and family. You needed the Game Cube, a copy of the game itself, four connector cords and four Gameboy Advances... That problem has been almost completely demolished due to the 3DS's capabilities, and is now the perfect platform for a continuum of the original Crystal Chronicles.

So, my question is this, though... Does Square Enix not see this for the cash cow it is?

Side Note: I'm still shocked you didn't create a download-play that could operate between the 3DS and the Wii U; poor design process in that regards.