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26th Aug 2010, 18:06
From seeing the post on here I can see I'm not the only one with this problem. I got this game when it first came out and the DLC will not work. I've downloaded it numerous times and I've restarted the ps3 and I've even turned the power off and back on and still nothing. Criminal mask in the options area won't even let me scroll down to it, just has disabled lock on it. The guns in multi player mode and aracade mode say (Download content) Like I don't have it even though I already do. This is very annoying to buy a product and not have it work the way it should. I brought my game at gamestop in Modesto, CA. I don't even have the code anymore cause I threw it away when I used it. I know I have the code right because if you go into my download history it's still there. Can someone please help me with this problem.

26th Aug 2010, 20:50
...You don't get masks from GameStop. You only get Radio Tower Map, and three guns (a silence pistol, shotgun, and a submachine gun).

Masks & other guns are either part of Limited Edition or Best Buy pre-order bonus.

26th Aug 2010, 20:54
The guns are what I don't have as well

26th Aug 2010, 21:30
Did you get the map at least? I'm not sure why it's like that because my Gamestop pre-order worked fine.

26th Aug 2010, 23:27
Doesn't work...I have nothing at all. I don't get it. I don't want to buy it on ps3 store and I already have the stupid thing on here already.

27th Aug 2010, 05:13
Yeah, I understand. I'm just not sure why it didn't unlock. Mine unlocked perfectly. Are you far in the game? Maybe delete the save files and boot up the game again.

Eidos Support
27th Aug 2010, 13:50
Where are you looking for these weapons? Please note that the Maps, Weapons and masks are only available in either Multuplayer or Arcade mode and are not available in the single player game.

29th Aug 2010, 20:49
please could someone tell me how i unlock my free exclusive downloadable content with my european limited edition kane and lynch 2? and also on the disk does it say limited edition? on the ps3.

7th Sep 2010, 19:29
So did you find a fix by now??

I got my Dog Days Limited Edition (European) today beacause it was the same price as the normal one anyway (35 euro) and after updating and installing the game I went to the PSN store to verify my code. I got the DLC and downloaded+installed it. I started my game again to play some Arcade.. after playing some maps I looked for the DLC maps and it still said 'locked'... After that I checked the weapons... still locked... So I closed my game and downloaded the dlc again. Started my game again and everything is still locked.

Does someone know a fix or if there is a patch coming?

8th Sep 2010, 14:49
NVM... Looks like the Doggie Bag DLC pack wasn't included in the 3 packs I got with the Limited Edition. And Radio Tower works now.

So my question now is; Is there a way I can buy the High Rise map without having to buy the Doggie Bag pack??? Like I said I already have Radio Tower from my Limited Edition code and I am not really interested in the guns from Doggie Bag annyway. 6 Euro for 1 map I want and other stuff I don't or already have is a bit to much to ask.

31st Dec 2010, 20:09
i've just bought the limited edition version for ps3, i'm in the uk, so it's the euro version, obviously :P

but the psn store wont accept the code at all to let me download the dlc

any help?

1st Jan 2011, 11:02
I've heard this kind of issue before for other games ...
Believe it or not people have experienced that their codes doesn't work in the same region they've bought it , so what they've done is open another PSN account from a different region (since you're already using a UK store then you should now move on to other european countries , or open a North America account) and then try the codes there ...

It has something to do with codes being programmed to activate elsewhere than where it would make sense ... it's crazy ... and silly ...