View Full Version : soooooo ... any news abt the upcoming tomb raider ?

26th Aug 2010, 14:11
Hello .. sorry, but does anyone have any news about the next Tomb Raider ?! I really want to know if there is going to be a new Tomb Raider :)
and are u guys enjoying this game ?? I think i should get it :)

27th Aug 2010, 09:44
Goofy - GOL is a great game. You should definitely d/l it!

11th Sep 2010, 17:58
about a new tomb raider..hmm..i have a new..nothing so far

16th Sep 2010, 09:14
So no xbox then? Shame really.
It's awesome!

28th Sep 2010, 20:22
The more i hear people speak about it the more im exited. ( i have ps3)

Because iv been playing the tomb raiders for years !