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24th Aug 2010, 12:42
For all DLC
1. Ensure the console is connected to Xbox LIVE.
2. Press the 'Xbox Guide' button.
3. Go to 'Marketplace' then select 'Redeem Code'.
4. Enter your code.
5. Download your content.
6. If the game is running as you do this; reboot the game.

To enable player masks in Arcade Mode and FA:
1. From the main menu, select 'Options'.
2. Select 'Game'.
3. Select 'Criminal Masks' and toggle this to 'Enabled'.
4. Press 'A' to confirm.
5. press 'B' to exit.

Note that the mask will be randomly displayed for each session.

DLC weapons are unlocked and activated automatically after installing the DLC, yet they will still need to be bought from the Arcade Mode or Multiplayer mid round shops.
Note that some DLC weapons require a specific Criminal Rank before they can be bought.

Should be unlocked automatically. The quickest way to confirm this is to scroll through them in 'Arcade Mode'.

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25th Aug 2010, 12:49
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