View Full Version : obivous pop in

22nd Aug 2010, 17:05
i think this only happened after the latest PS3 patch because i didnt notice before but some elements like airport runways appear only when your plane is very near to the airport which makes landings quite difficult. i'll never be able to straighten the plane up before its too late.

some control issues that may make the game better:

1) minimap legend settings not remembered when turning off then turning on PDA.
oftentimes, i need to filter the map from unnecessary legends. after setting the marker, i sometimes need to recheck the map. but unfortunately all the filtering settings are reset and i have to edit the filters again. gets tiresome after a while.

2) vehicle camera control / turret control is irritating.
when i'm enjoying the view of the sunset as i boat through the open sea the camera snaps back to face forward, same in planes or on the road.

same thing happens when i'm carefully aiming at some guy coming straight for me with my tank turret then it snaps back to the front.

this is the same annoying camera issue that i'm having with assassins creed 2 and gta4.

though, props to JC2 for implementing a non-disturbing camera for On Foot control. :D