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22nd Aug 2010, 16:13
Hallo from me and thank you for accepting me.

I have played and have finished deadly shadows years ago when the game came out.
Now i installed it again beecause i liked to play it again but i have a problem that i don't remember of.

I have finished with the clocktower's sabotage nad now i must head back to the keeper's library.
So..i appeared at the stonemarket and i must go to the glyph...use it and open the gate to the library.
I do so but instead of a gate to library, when i click on the glyph opens a gate to just a small room with some silly loot insiude a chair etc...
I can't enter the library....
Is it a bug or something i do wrong ?
What must i do please?

Thank you

22nd Aug 2010, 18:33
To read the following click and hold and scroll over the blank:

When you get to the library LOOK UP. Over your head is a window. Climb in that window.

All the glyphs are now dead. Garrett has a few chores to finish to reactivate the glyphs.

You are in the wrong place where you are trying to use the glyph.

Pass the gylph door you are at. Turn left at the top end of the passage. Exit the room and follow the pipe along the base of the wall. Dodge the quard and turn left and cross to the deadend ahead of you.

22nd Aug 2010, 18:36
Thank you :)

22nd Aug 2010, 19:17
Now if i ask where the library's building is because....i can't find what you've said is too much?....:scratch::confused:

22nd Aug 2010, 20:12
Go through the alley by the Inn at the gate. When you come out there is a garden plot with a tree on the right. Ahead to the right is a portal, just past that some stairs.

To the left of the stairs is a stack of crates and a wall behind them with a door in it.

Go through the door, go to the end of the alley you come out in at the end is a door. Go INTO THE DOOR, pass through to the other side.

Ahead of you is a wall with a pipe on the base. This wall runs from right to left and then turns right away from you.

There is a building to the left with planters along the street and a guard.

Follow the pipe around the corner. You will come to an open place. To your left is a short alley that deadends.

Enter that alley. The left wall is THE LIBRARY. Over your head on that wall is a window with a mist in it.

Climb the wall and go in that window.