View Full Version : Game wont start

22nd Aug 2010, 10:14
I click icon and loader comes up and i press launch and then nothing happens screen goes away. please help???

Crimson Rambler
11th Sep 2010, 05:16
Mine did the same (PS3) thing after my wife removed the disk while the game was running (Ileft it to go out for a while) I had to remove game data files, this reinstalled the game It loaded the game but not missions then I remembered to download the BOOM pack I had gotten and install it. I still have 2 missions that now give me a "disk error while loading" but otherwise works well. I left the save game files alone and my saves were intact.

I need a fix for the error I mentioned above. They are both helicopter missions to a similar location, I can drive to the locale without problem. Mission or extraction to these give a disk error.