View Full Version : Old review of original TDP-TMA-Gold

22nd Aug 2010, 08:35
You newbies might find this of interest. One of the better reviews on the games.


30th Aug 2010, 00:03
Thanks! I've been saving copies of online articles to my hard drive, and I didn't have this one, yet. :p

30th Aug 2010, 00:44
You are welcome. I still have a few links from the "old" days. I don't save them to HDD, but try to check to see if they are active.

Grundbegriff and his analysis are always a joy to reread.

To those newbies the link JT referred to is not Grund. So don't let this note confuse you.

30th Aug 2010, 00:57
Yeah. I've been disappointed at TTLG's borked search function for looking through the archives, especially with the thousands of dead internal links and usernames. I've been able to grab up several of Grundy's major threads, though. I really really wish he hadn't bailed out before posting his Grymoire!