View Full Version : Puzzle "breaking" bug

22nd Aug 2010, 05:09
I finally got a chance to play the demo (moving house really is an internet inhibitor) and the software tester in me urges me to do odd things to find bugs.

And I love to find them.

In the last challenge room, before the almighty moving platforms bit, one can "break" the puzzle by disallowing them access to the parts.

I use the term "break" in such a way as "obviously not as intended".

I've put some pics of the process _here_ (http://picasaweb.google.com.au/darksaiyan/LaraCroftGuardianOfLight?feat=directlink) to illustrate, but the process is generally "put the ball in the closed doorway, and follow it to break the laws of physics".

22nd Aug 2010, 15:47
Did you just go through the gate, lol! :lol:

Hmm, yeah, that could be a problem. I guess a lot of areas in this game are rather ´complicated´ so causing a glitch, if you want to, shouldn´t be very hard. I´m sure you can find more. :D

At least it shouldn´t be game-ending, since you can just kill her and undo all the changes, at least, that´s what I think...:scratch: