View Full Version : inconsistent blood decals on enemy models (PC)

22nd Aug 2010, 00:32
This seems like a graphic bug but the blood decals on some enemy models (namely the ones on the highway level) and the sweatshop workers are persistent(visible) (no matter how far away I am from the bodies).

This is in contrast to most of the blood decals on the other enemy models which fade when I am only a few feet away from the body but suddenly reappeared when I approached it. I hate to be riddling a guy with bullets from a distance away in which his body still looks "clean" but only for the bullet holes on his bodies to SUDDENLY appeared all over his body when I approached it.

I find this along with other issues to be hindering my enjoyment I get out of this game.

How can a bug like this even be present in this game? Are there any temporary fix/tweaks for this IE modifying some files, etc?

Im on the pc version one by the way

Cheers. I really hope this issue along many others get fix soon:)