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21st Aug 2010, 23:26
i found the levers to get into the water castle,
i have found and killed all the samurai, spoke to a woman next to a statue, gone up the stairs, but have come back round on my self, i have no idea where to go from here.
please help. :confused:

20th Oct 2010, 12:51
Hi, this is from the guys at IO. I hope it helps:

Chapter 4: Water level
In this level, you have to free [5 Tengu] to open the doors leading to the Boss.
Water Wilderness

Cutscene – Hiro, Futo and Suzume meet Kunoichi

You start at the entrance of a small village.

• Go and talk to the Chef Villager. He tells you his villagers are hungry.
• Behind the house where he is standing, you find a dirt track leading to two rice fields.
• Just before the rock blocking the big door, use you Possession Spell on the chicken and use the Possession Path to go on the other way.
• Grab the [3 Rice Bags]. Then
• Beat the samurais and grad all the [8 Rice Bags].
• In the right rice field, free the [Tengu].
• Talk to the [5 Villagers] (2 in the village, 3 in rice fields) to feed them.
• Go back and speak to the Chef villager to give him [5 Rice Bags]. He opens the door of the crevasse. Go in it.
• You reach a big hole. Precociously, go your way down the hole, until a small tunnel.
• Take that tunnel; it’s a sprint. Put your Hat on and jump in the water.
• Paddle down the rapids, and rejoin a small island where the Water Elemental Spirit (very angry) stands.
• Meditate near it, and beat it. The current calms down, you may pass.
• Next, when you’re on dry land again, jump into the open Teleport Plan. (You’re lucky; somebody seams to have resolved it before you!)
• On the other side, you begin this time at the bottom of the hole. Make your way upstairs, jumping from platform to platform.
• Once ahead, lead your way through the tunnel and come out in a small clearing.
• Turn your back at the big gap then go straight ahead.
• Put your Hat on, and jump in the water.
• Take the first path (witch with rock wall). Find an [Interrupter] on the last rock pillar in the left. Turn it on.
• Jump in the water. Then, go on the far left side of the merge village, you should see a big pillar. Climb it and find a second [Interrupter].
• Now, reach the huge door in the middle on the place.

Cutscene – Futo opens the door
Water Castle

You start behind the great door, in front of a water pool.

• Put you Hat on; cross the water then climb the stairs.
• Reach the entrance of the jails (metal door). Inside, a Chimney Path allows you to go upstairs.
• You arrive at a marvellous place, with three cascades in front of you.
• Go straight on your right.
• Carefully jump above the gap then enter the complex through the wooden doors.
• Follow the corridor. It will bring you to a small place that leads to a big door enclosed by a dry canal.
• Speak to the Tengu Mage.
• After chatting with the Tengu Mage, the door leading to the jails.
• Take the left corridor, bit the samurais and take the [Prison Key]
• Turn back to the first corridor, free the [Alchemist Mage].
• In a dead end just before the exit of the jails, you should see a Spirit. Meditate near it and solve the mini game. It leads you in a tunnel.
• Go and free the [Tengu] just in front of you.
• Then, follow the tunnel. At its end, a second Spirit takes place in front of a rock wall.
• Meditate and solve the 2D Gameplay.
• You arrive behind the wall. Free the [2 Tengu]
• Then cross the tunnel to access to an open space above rice fields.
• Go on your left; free the [Tengu Mage].
• Talk to him. He explains that the Water Lord is hiding behind the door in the room you’ve seen previously. Your goal: free [5 Tengu] to open the Flood Gate behind him to fill the dry canal to access to the door.
• If it’s done, teleport yourself to entrance of the Boss room.
• Then, cross the big door to meet your Destiny!