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21st Aug 2010, 01:51
My friend and I just launched K&L2, the game said no save was found and a new one was created. Everything we've done is gone...
Where are the save files located?
Steam servers were down (friends not available) does it have something to do? :(

joe the janitor
21st Aug 2010, 03:17
Have you tried to contact steam technical support? I don't even know if that exists but it sounds more like a steam problem.

21st Aug 2010, 03:36
As far as I know, k&l2 doesn't support steam cloud. It should have nothing to do with steam. That's why I'm asking where are those save files. Is it even local?

24th Aug 2010, 14:05
I have this problem too. On Steam.
I have gotten as far as the Airport on Hard difficulty.
Tried to play multiplayer (first time) last night with no success (no games found, no one joining automatic hosted game), so I went to play something else.
Tried to play campaign today (next day), no saves found.
Restarted, verified cache, same thing.
Computer search yields no save files anywhere.

I really am not willing to start the game all the way from the beginning, so if I have lost my saves for whatever reason this will greatly frustrate me and I will probably never finish this game now.

Is there anyway to import a save? I wouldn't care if I use someone elses profile to complete the game as long as I don't have to start all the way from the beginning again.

Can't find anything on this issue on Steam K&L2 Forums except your topic:

Solved the problem on my end but the chances of us having the same solution seem very narrow.

This was a Windows 7 problem.
After realising K&L2 could not find saves, I tested other games and found that Alpha Protocol, Dragon Age: Origins, Kane & Lynch 2, Mass Effect 2, couldn't find saves either (Other games such as Blacklight: Tango Down, Deus Ex, Mafia, Monkey Island: SE could).

These files should be in:
With Windows 7, I would find these files under
which is supposed to be the same location.

I now realise at some point Windows 7 changed the default Documents folder location from:
C:\ (Primary)
H:\ (Backup)
forcing K&L2 and other games to save on my backup drive instead of the primary.
I already had a H:\crazyjackal\Documents, a backup of my C:\crazyjackal\Documents version, so its existence was never suspicious to me.

At some point the backup became the main folder instead of the local one and saves were being made there. I never realised because both are under folders called crazyjackal\Documents .

By pure coincidence in timing to your problem, I disconnected my backup drive and attempted to play games and since the H:\ drive was not plugged in, it wasn't reading any saves. Obvious solution is to plug back in my H:\ Drive for the saves, which worked.

Still perhaps you are having the same problem with the shift in Documents location and your saves are now being attempted to be read from elsewhere instead of where they're supposed to.

You can check this by opening your Computer (Windows button + E), in the left hand side panel, click libraries, right click documents/pictures/music/videos, properties and see what the library location is. If this is incorrect, simply add the correct folder, set save location and remove the other location.

I have now copied everything from H: to C: to ensure both are exact replicas of one another and have all saves from both drives on one another.

You can also fix this with "regedit"
WARNING: If you do not know what you are doing then do not attempt to do this, editing your registry can have serious implications if you make a mistake.

Find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders

Value Name: Personal
Value Type: REG_SZ
Value Data: path

Ensure the value data is correct. In my case it was H:\crazyjackal\Documents and so I changed it to C:\crazyjackal\Documents.

EDIT2: Problem isn't fixed. Other games will now save in C:\ but those that already saved into H:\ continue to use those files. Probably a config or registry for those individual games telling them to use the backup drive. Oh well. Finished the game.