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General Bison
21st Aug 2010, 00:16
I just bought Kane & Lynch 2 on Steam and I'm having problems with sound.

When I start the game I get no sound whatsoever on the opening credits/title card (Although I thought this may have been intentionally done judging by the artistic direction io have taken). I can hear the dialogue in the loading/buffering screen but only hear the ambient audio and random footsteps in the following scene (I turned the subtitles on to confirm that there should be dialogue in the scene)

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and have an onboard soundchip (Abit IP-35).

I'll post my Dxdiag info if required.

Thank you.

General Bison
21st Aug 2010, 00:43
Problem solved, I just reverified the game files in Steam and the speech is working now.

Eidos Support
25th Aug 2010, 08:43
revived as this info can help others with a similar issue.