View Full Version : No ambient shadows besides character ones in PC version...

20th Aug 2010, 14:26
Hi there guys,
I have always been a fan of K&L, and it will stay that way.
But really, this is one thing that drives me nuts.
Why do XBox & PS3 have enviromental shadows, and PC not?
I mean, the PC version's shadows are only the characters' ones.
Can be proven by the demo gameplay videos:

PC version:
PS3 version:

Well, inside, the shadows are preety much the same...
But look, when they enter the room with tied up hostages, the shadows from the bars above them... That's one example from PS3/XBox... Or when they enter the alley: The red light and citizen sitting on the stairs... Also shadows from bars above in PS3/XBox version... There is no such thing in the PC version... How come? Everything is on highest, Even my friends experience this problem...
Will there be a patch released for this?
Cheers. :)

10th Sep 2010, 16:48
I noticed this from eurogamer.

Does it also happned in full version now?
This must be fixed .

10th Sep 2010, 22:29
Ha, loving when Kane is in slow motion.

19th Sep 2010, 15:30
I just viewed the link in Jam13's post.
Yop, they really pointed it out.
The game looks better in some places on PC, but the shadows are really missing.


Well look at these two. You just can't say you don't see it.

20th Sep 2010, 08:52
yeah , you also can see the videos .

Xbox 360 vs. PC (http://www.eurogamer.net/videos/kane-and-lynch-2-face-off-xbox-360-vs-pc)
PS3 vs. PC (http://www.eurogamer.net/videos/kane-and-lynch-2-face-off-ps3-vs-pc)

19th Nov 2017, 10:54
Just noticed PS3 ver. split screen mode was downgrade.
You can still see ambient shadows in cutsceen but in split screen gameplay you can't.

PS3 split screen co-op:
PS3 split screen co-op(start in 9:57):

PS3 single player mode(more beautiful than PC ver.):

Xbox 360 split screen co-op:
(The Bset version of Dog Days,imo)