View Full Version : Pc version has no form of offline co-op you guys lied in the game features

20th Aug 2010, 04:23
Having just been able to get the game running on steam on august 20th since i dont live in the US , i noticed that the game has no split screen coop or LAN coop. if you visit the steam store page(http://store.steampowered.com/app/28000/ it CLEARLY states that there is offline coop.

Online and Offline Co-op - Play as Kane and Lynch

this is very disappointing and i would like to request a split screen patch for the PC version or the ability to co-op the campaign over LAN.

EDIT: they changed it to online coop only , no chance of this game getting a splitscreen patch. :lol:

20th Aug 2010, 08:11
Agree . Someday the game will get old and no one play online coop , that's why Offline Co-op really need in the pc version . Support add split screen mode for the pc version .