View Full Version : Xbox Coop - Unable to Connect

19th Aug 2010, 05:48
We have two xbox/tvs in our house and were excited to get a new coop game to play - bought two copies of the game for it and cant get it to work. Please help!

The internet is working, xbox live is working, we can see each other online, we can enter the lobby and start other games through live (L4D, Gears, Army of Two etc). We can see other peoples games in the public lobby but not games that we host. When we invite it says something to the effect of 'no game session found' and no matter what i try it says the same thing.

We tested that system link works under multiplayer (but you dont offer system link coop so that doesnt help).

Is there some port i need to open or something?

19th Aug 2010, 15:33
I managed to fix this by settings port triggering on 3658, 3478-3479, 5223. Seems very odd to me that they arent using standard ports - perhaps to re-use the pc or ps3 servers?