View Full Version : Multiplayer Connection Issues

18th Aug 2010, 23:25
My room mate and I cannot be the only ones out there having connection issues regarding multiplayer. 90% of the ranked matches we try say "joining lobby" than shortly after "closing." the end result always being in a lobby all alone with no one joining. this happens with ranked FA, UCC, and C&R. haven't tried too many player matches and have no problem playing online co-op. I guess my question for the Devs is. Are you aware of these issues and are you planning on addressing them?


p.s. I play many other online games including Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Monday Night Combat and have no connection issues

19th Aug 2010, 11:55
this will be fixed i'm sure but they better get on the ball before every body waiting till friday to buy read all these complaints...i have yet to get a game on radio tower and im a level 3

19th Aug 2010, 23:33
You are not alone... this has been a problem since the exclusive demo came out. and to be honest considering the history of the series and the people who made it, i doubt it will get fixed but heres to hoping.

20th Aug 2010, 20:46
:mad2:The whole matchmaking system is ****ed :mad2: