View Full Version : No sound with Xonar D2 / Dolby 5.1

18th Aug 2010, 17:50
Well this is a little strange. The first time I played the game was in digital mode/dolby 6 channels... albeit it was only playing 2.1 but I had sound. I closed and reopened it to see if it would 'detect' I had my sound card options set to 5.1, but ever since I've totally lost ALL sound in game!

I've reinstalled the game, my audio drivers, latest version of openal.... totally out of ideas now. This sucks :(

19th Aug 2010, 04:52
I don't think it's your fault. This was the same "issue" in the demo and despite having Dolby on the package, doesn't seem like they really added it.

6th Sep 2010, 13:39
I have the same card and the same thing happened to me. A full reinstall of both drivers and the game fixed it for me, but I haven't played beyond the first level as they didn't even bother to implement any surround sound.

Also, you could try these custom modded drivers:


Asus have simply forgotten about the D2/D2X cards and haven't updated drivers for a long time... these might sort it? worth installing anyways, as they are better all round.