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18th Aug 2010, 02:24
I popped in the cd, installed the game, opened it in steam, had to download the game even though I had just installed it. Once that finishes I finally click the game in Steam again and a window pops up that says completing installation 0%. Stays at this window for about 20 seconds and stays at 0%. Then this-

" Incomplete installation of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog days (3)."

I have tried going through this process multiple times over the course of 2 hours now and same thing. I understand there is a way around it if I use a crack. I don't want to use a crack though, so I thought I would post this here for the devs to see. Until then I guess I will wait patiently for a fix. Thank you for your time. I understand issues will be had, and hold nothing against the devs of this game I have been waiting for, for months now.

Also, while I have you here, a push to talk button AND mute button for multiplayer on the pc please, and text chat as well. Do you guys plan on implementing these functions in the near future?

18th Aug 2010, 04:27
Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else find a fix for it that doesn't involve using a crack?

18th Aug 2010, 13:02
Cmdr Shepard.

Hi! I am receiving the same error, except mine says (10) which steam's KB says Servers are busy. Your error seems to suggest conection to the internet, which obviously may be false as you are on the Internet on this forum :) )

Here's the link I got:https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9851-PFHN-9932

I opened a support ticket with Steam, so hopefully they know of the issue as Im running into a couple users getting the same error, yet I can launch other games just fine.

I am a little upset, as I shelled out $50 for this game and people who have pirated the game are playing it just fine.

If they respond to me, Ill be sure and post.


18th Aug 2010, 13:19
Thank you for the reply, part of me is sorry your having the same problem, but part of me is also happy your having a similar problem. :P

I finally caved in and just downloaded the crack so I could play the game. Hopefully Steam won't make a big fuss about it, seeing as it's not just an exe file you need to replace but an actual steam file. I'm just hoping steam doesn't take it as a "pirated version" since I had to replace the steam_api.dll file as well.

At least I have a legit key, so pleading my case won't be very difficult lol. The only thing is I haven't gotten the multiplayer to work using the crack.

18th Aug 2010, 20:02
OK, admit to getting the crack lol. Keep it secret HA! Like you said, you bought the game so shouldnt matter.

Looks like they may have fixed it. I can now get to 100%. I havent launched it, cause Im remote, so I have to fully test when I get home, but got much more further than I did last time.

18th Aug 2010, 23:14
I'm wondering if when they finally fix this issue how I would delete the crack and replace it with the legit file? I assume just delete them and steam will re-download them for me?

19th Aug 2010, 03:33
I'm having the same issue, what crack are you guys on about?

I honestly don't see why they make us do this, the whole point of buying a game on a disc is so we don't have to go through all this trouble to play the game.

19th Aug 2010, 16:35
Well, its working like a charm now!

Should be working OK for you guys

Cmdr Shepard- I havent looked at the software, so not sure what the file replaces. Easiest thing to do, is to uninstall then reinstall.

Shortcut would be to look at the bat file / or code and see what it replaces. I bet, though, you have an .exe, so there is no telling what it did.

Can you read the nfo? Normally it tells you to back up a file and thats the one it replaces, etc.

Anywho. Hope that helps.

19th Aug 2010, 22:11
Yep it works without the crack now. I simply went into my Kane and Lynch folder and deleted the exe and the steam_api.dll files. Right clicked the game in my steam menu hit properties, clicked the local files tab, and clicked verify integrity of game cache. It redownloaded the proper files and now I can run the game without a crack, and multiplayer woks. :)

20th Aug 2010, 00:00
Cmdr Shepard,

Awesome man, Im glad it worked. Im Tellurye, maybe Ill see you online some time. Please friend me, and let me know what your tag is. Im married, so naturally, usually only play when the wife doesnt have chores for me to do :)

I know, I know - I was just like you. I thought I would never be a slave to ANY woman. Heck, Kunta Kinte on Roots doesnt have anything on me :)

Happy Fragging!!


20th Aug 2010, 00:36
ok, first off, lol. Secondly, my tag is Cmd.Sheperd on steam, or budskee420. ^^

20th Aug 2010, 15:28
Confirmed - Dog Days is working. I'll post my review in the general discussion thread.

9th Aug 2011, 17:55

After downloaded the file, restore this file in System32 folder.

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