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17th Aug 2010, 20:16
Thanks to [Xmas] from TRF for the entire post. I could copy all the links and use my own words, but I might as well just quote everything and be done with it. :p

In the newly leaked " first 10 minutes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJpwxeLUrAM)" footage from Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, it is finally revealed what is Lara going to wear!

In Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Lara Croft joins forces with Totec, The Guardian of Light, in order to fight off an ancient evil threatening to engulf the world in never-ending darkness.

Players will journey through the game in a franchise first isometric cooperative adventure that aims to deliver intense action and bite-sized puzzles. Available August 18 on Xbox 360 and September 28 on Steam and Playstation 3.



Lara Croft


Lara Croft Biker Outfit


Lara Croft Jungle Outfit


Lara Croft Heavy Jungle Outfit


Lara Croft Legend Outfit



Want to watch all of the outfits in action? Here:


Warning: This video features spoilers.

17th Aug 2010, 20:40
they have all the outfits from past games!?!?! cool!

Ezio Croft
17th Aug 2010, 21:16
Spoiler! Thanks for that! -.-

17th Aug 2010, 21:19
haha! nice...... I dont mind spoilers......they dont ruin it for me realy..... because i still get excited when i play the real game! :D

17th Aug 2010, 21:24
haha! nice...... I dont mind spoilers......they dont ruin it for me realy..... because i still get excited when i play the real game! :D
bin should not look:D

17th Aug 2010, 22:51
??? huh?

20th Aug 2010, 21:27
I've been playing for a few hours. Just got past the forbidden gate in the spider temple and I didn't know there were other outfits.

1. How do you access them?
2. Where's the Legend evening gown? :o

20th Aug 2010, 21:36
??? huh?

:D I played there are not (I'm PC)

24th Aug 2010, 15:59
Cool outfits. I spoiled myself but it was worth it. :D
The game seems to have awesome graphics.

25th Sep 2010, 18:24
How do u get the outfits. ? ( even though i have ps3 )

25th Sep 2010, 20:03
Three of them are unlocked by achieving landmark total scores, and the other two you get by simply beating the game.

26th Sep 2010, 09:25
I love the outfits! I usually play with the Legend and Doppel ones...

5th Jan 2011, 20:05

I usauly play with the doppelganger and biker. x

19th Apr 2011, 09:14
The classic and doppelganger costumes are the ones that do it for me. :^)

12th Sep 2011, 19:42
For a game girl she's always been more modest then some game characters. I always liked that about Lara she can look cool without looking slutty.

21st Sep 2011, 22:17
I agree Dalkin. She always has great outfits, but she never looks slutty (except when some perverts decided to make naked mods LOL).

24th Oct 2011, 20:30
ugh this is so aggrivatn.... i miss the original Lara Croft... :(

4th Jun 2012, 12:46
The outfits were one of the best things about the game. I love getting to customise what Lara wears and is so cool,to have lots of the great outfits from TRL and TRU to chhose from.

10th Jun 2012, 08:46
How can I change Lara's outfit? I have unlocked Tomb Raider Legend outfit by collecting 50% of the Relics in Peru. At the moment Im in Peru playing in "The Tomb of Qualopec.
I have tried going to the reward section. I can see the outfit there but there is no option there to select it. I can only go back from there even if I chose "Legend Outfit" the game starts with the anniversary outfit. Can somebody help?
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11th Jun 2012, 14:40
Lara Croft Biker Outfit is my favorite one so far! :D I Love it!

3rd Jul 2012, 10:07
I love the biker outfit! So cool!

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