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16th Aug 2010, 20:10
Anyone else up for a Heagon nostalgia thread?

It's hard to believe that Hexagons have died out, isn't it? I mean, it's 2052 and I don't think I saw a single Hexagon today, period. Everyone's so worried about terrorism, the insurgency in Texas, and the plague to even remember the halcyon days of the Hexagon Fandom. Isn't that a goddamn tragedy? I mean, look, don't get me wrong. I like featureless squares as much as the next guy, and those new buildings they do, with the escher-like floorplans where the inside can't possibly contain the outside? That's awesome too. But every night I always go to bed thinking of the 2020's and the marvelous hexagons we used to have.

I got into the hobby in 2027, and Gosh what a great year for Hexagons that was. The BEST year, Hands-Down. I remember my parents took me to Hive, to see the Hexagons? They looked AMAZING under the deconstructivist lighting. I knew from that moment on: I was a hex-fan for LIFE. Within a few months I had every Hexagon I could beg, borrow or steal, in every color under the sun. Brown, Yellow, and every color inbetween. Even gold and amber! In retrospect it's pretty obvious that that was the golden age for Hexagon Collectors, but I guess I thought the good times would go on forever.

Part of me's glad that Hexagons were just a passing fad. Us true devotees will always have our collections (unless our parents or wives make us sell 'em off!) and honestly? If they tried to make a new Hexagon today? Some big corporate manufacturer like VersaLife would be bankrolling it and it'd just look like another featureless cube with more sides. Uch! No thanks!

Anyway, this is a general purpose Hexagon nostalgia thread. HexChat only! If you wanna talk about other retro hobbies like lightbulb collection or pointy beards, make another thread.

16th Aug 2010, 20:24
Best post I've read on here in months. A++ would read again!

I agree though, it's a shame we'll never see proper hexagons again, and you're right to put the blame on companies like Versalife: they won't credit their audiences with any intelligence, they don't think we can handle shapes of more than 4 sides. Soon all we'll have will be triangles, and even then we'll be expected to pay extra for the third side of those.

The golden (if you'll pardon the pun) age of geometry is truly over. I can only hope the market collapses and we have a rebirth. That said, what are the chances of that? As we all know, the triangle is the strongest shape there is. :(

16th Aug 2010, 20:53
I, for one, am glad the hexagons are gone. Those damn 6-sided monstrosities were a sign of the decadence of the age. Back in those days people had so much money to blow they actually started building cities on top of cities, much less tacking on unnecessary walls to their rooms!

Personally, I even think the hexagon was single-handedly responsible for that god awful neo-Renaissance fashion! Boy, don't you know some adults these days are looking back at their prom pictures from the '20s and saying, "Good lord, what was I thinking??"

16th Aug 2010, 20:56
There's some kind of metaphor here I think. ... ... Lol!

16th Aug 2010, 21:03
There's some kind of metaphor here I think. ... ... Lol!

Does it refer to the state of the modern softwood lumber industry? I think it does.

16th Aug 2010, 21:06
Does it refer to the state of the modern softwood lumber industry? I think it does.

Please, we're not here to talk about wood.

You wood fanatics are always lording the fact that wood came back 'in' after everything being made of metal in the twenties. It pisses me right off. :mad2:

16th Aug 2010, 21:17
Hex are gone :(

16th Aug 2010, 21:23
The only thing I miss is the widescreen monitors. Why the heck did we revert to these 4:3's?

Pretentious Old Man.
16th Aug 2010, 21:24
Bah! Pretentious old hexagons, playing at being a credible alternative to dodecahedra in the world of geometry! But the world of geometry left them behind long ago!

16th Aug 2010, 21:35
The only thing I miss is the widescreen monitors. Why the heck did we revert to these 4:3's?

Because the metal plates welded to our faces restrict our ability to see anything in the 16:9 format.

17th Aug 2010, 04:28
What the f! Shapes cannot die off!

17th Aug 2010, 20:06
Ughhhhhhhh, forget those mutant circles. They went out of style for a reason... Now the TRIANGLES, the triangles were the best. :thumbsup:

What the f! Shapes cannot die off!
You are not allowed in the thread, anymore.

Pretentious Old Man.
17th Aug 2010, 20:37
What the f! Shapes cannot die off!


For this heresy, you shall be liquidated. Good day.

El Zoido
18th Aug 2010, 10:18
Alas, those days of glory are long gone...

I remember them hexagons going out of fashion around the time they switched from the nifty holographic touchpads back to those greasy unhygienic keypads.

No wonder we're dying of Gray Death!

I remember my father telling stories about his youth, when hexagons where even used in strategy games! This was even before they surrendered good old console gaming to VR implants ("implantitis"). Pah!

19th Aug 2010, 20:19
I didn't get my augmented sunglasses. They were rationed.

Pretentious Old Man.
19th Aug 2010, 21:43
You wanted Orange.

It gave you Black and Gold.

19th Aug 2010, 21:48
You wanted Orange.

It gave you Black and Gold.

WINNER! :lmao: