View Full Version : Can't install the patch so i can play the game.

14th Aug 2010, 19:52
I had to have my computer repaired a few months ago so i had to re-install the game. But for some odd reason, it refuses to let me update the game so i can play it.

It goes through the full update process, the bar fills up and everything, takes a couple hours i think, but the instant the bar fills up it tells me that it was unable to find the patch.

This is the third time I've installed the game, the last time I had to re-install it did it without any problem. Now it refuses to and no one anywhere will tell me how to fix it.

It keeps giving me an error code, which I cant remember right now since the last time i've asked for help was two or three months ago (i cant even find the forums i asked it on). But for some odd reason, the error code is something that's only supposed to come up if you're installing batman in another language or something like that. It makes no sense.