View Full Version : Alternate game types

2nd Apr 2014, 22:46
Lets talk about alternate game types. I came up with one this afternoon that I'd thought be fun. Additionally, I thought of some changes to siege to make it more fun. I've only played it a couple times, but I get the impression its like a ground control where vamps eat you..constantly.

Pillage (or Raid, or Conquer) Mode- In this game type there are NPC's on the map that are the target for both team. The vampires are either there to sow death and destruction, claim resources (nomnom), or just put the humans in their place. The humans are trying to rescue whomever they can. Points are scored for vampires slaughtering people (though I imagine the point gains would be less because I'm thinking 2-3 shots on these NPC's) and other players. Humans score by walking up to people hitting a context key ('E') and then leading the people to either predetermined exits or into shelters.

Another thought would be putting 'whammys' in the game type. Random events pop up that need to be dealt with. Say a notification comes through about a cache of weapons if the vamps get there first then they get bonus points for destroying the cache, if the humans get it they can conscript a couple people which would just be AI lead bots, or even mobile turrets that accept a follow or guard context and shoot at whatever is in their LOS. Similarly vampires could get an event that could bring in a couple of hunting AI bots. Just some ideas. I thought it might make for an interesting game type.

Now Siege. I think this game type would benefit so much more with vamps assaulting a defense point humans have and then when that point is lost moving to the "second line of defense", and then third and so on. I'd like siege to be more like a castle siege where the vampires have located a Hunter training/supply/command hub and are there to wipe it out. Perhaps allow more players into the match. That alone I think would greatly increase the fun of the game type.

Well thems my thoughts. Have fun in Nosgoth folks.