View Full Version : MISC. Something very, very strange

2nd Apr 2014, 20:08
I've never seen this reported yet.

I joined a match that was already running. Loading screen was very short that time. When it disappeared, here's what I saw:

It wasn't a picture. It was an animation with waves and all, but no music or sound whatsoever. It seemed like... a screensaver, I guess. There was no mouse arrow or interface and I couldn't do anything by clicking or pushing buttons (including ESC). I had to exit the game through task manager.

2nd Apr 2014, 20:14
Looks like the Sommerdam sky-box without any architecture loaded.

3rd Apr 2014, 10:28
Exactly my thoughts. But that doesn't explain why this even happened.

3rd Apr 2014, 13:51
I've seen it happen during map loading before, the game usually crashes when it happens. Basically, the map textures aren't loading when this happens.