View Full Version : Ye olde vertex and pixel shader problem

7th Aug 2010, 04:56
I'm having the same problem as everyone else on this forum: vertex and pixel shader 1.1 required. (As every other frustrated parent has said, What were they thinking?! This isn't for hard-core gamers! Why the stiff hardware requirements? And don't give me that line about calling up the manufacturer to make sure it will work. At least they seem to have learned their lesson with Part 2: Original Trilogy.)

Anyway, I have an Intel 82945G Express, and 3D Analyzer in about a thousand different configurations doesn't work for me. It does get past the vertex/pixel shader message, the screen changes like it's going into full screen game mode and goes all white, but then nada -- it just dumps me back into Windows. No warning, no error, no nothing.

Q1. Is there some way to get a log file from the game telling me what went wrong?

I can get a log from 3D Analyzer. It's a huge file with no error at the end, and on a skim through, I didn't see anything suspicious except the first line, which looks incomplete and has a non-zero HRESULT unlike most of the other lines:

(null), SDKVersion<20>, HRESULT<2832704>

and the following message (cr/lf in original):

IDirect3DDevice9_Release, IDirect3DDevice9P<27921f0>D3D Device == NULL!!!


BTW, I did get the game to work very slowly by using SwiftShader (demo version) instead of 3D Analyzer, but it's so slow that it's unplayable. There are a couple other potential hacks here (http://intel9xx.moonfruit.com/#/downloads/4534600213), but I don't think they'll work for me because I don't have Vista and don't want to mod my video driver.

Q2. I read elsewhere that Eidos fixed this in a later release. Is that true? Say, if I were to get the "Complete Saga" instead of just part I, would that run? Would at least part 2 run? (The part 2 demo runs fine on my system with no 3d analyzer.)

Thanks for your time.

PS, I should mention I'm running the demo version of both games, but I plan to buy the full version assuming it will work on my 'puter.